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I know what you might be thinking, “No way, Azur Lane on PC?” Well, here we are with a PC version alright — and this time, you won’t even need an emulator! Get to play the game directly onto your desktop without any hassle at all.

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It’s Kancolle… But Better!

Azur Lane? Now that’s a good ship game. So, imagine if your WWII veteran grandfather told you stories about his time in the Navy and how Illustrious’ top was enormous but instead of talking about the ship’s landing bay, he’s referring to a beautiful lady with giant planes. Open that app from your Applications folder to begin installing the operating system.

Azur Lane

If you like anthropomorphic warships turned into beautiful anime waifus that will give any WWII veteran depression, it’s Azur Lane. However, beneath all the thicc thighs, big-tiddy one-sans lies an unexpectedly engrossing bullet-hell strategic game. I’m telling you — it’s really Kancolle but better.

A Loosely-Based WWII Story

Some of these are related to the servers being overloaded with the sudden influx of players, as well as trying to process the content of the update, but please do let us know about any bugs, errors, or problems you run into.Make sure you give as many details as possible — the more detailed your report, the faster we can fix it. The last stand 2 download game. Reporting issuesWe are aware of some of the outstanding issues with the update. Just leave a comment down below with all the information and I’ll be forwarding it to the team to take care of!You can pitch in with reports and help us get fixes out faster in this thread.

However, the Sirens discovered a way to manipulate the factions in order to see them bring mayhem to each other. Nuendo 4 all vst plugins free download. The Ironblood and Sakura Empire realized that the best solution to save humanity is to serve the Sirens and use their technology for the greater good. However, the Eagle Union and the Royal Navy still insist that the destruction of the Sirens will bring peace to the land. The differences between the four factions caused them to declare war against each other.

Glanced for the Story, Stayed for the Waifus

The stories in the game are based on the actual Naval Theater of War of WWII but with a mix of anime edginess. But come on, you’re here for the waifus, not the story — admit it. Also, the game features more than 300 waifus — all based from real-life ships both alive and sunk. Ships like the USS Enterprise, HMS Queen Elizabeth, KMS Bismarck and IJN Akagi all make an appearance in full weeaboo fashion.

The Friendliest Gacha Game You’ll Ever Come Across

Lol Skin Download Free

Awesome Gameplay for a Gacha Game

Build a Relationship with Ship Girls in Azur Lane

No shame here–just disappointment.

Lots of Crossovers Worth Spending Time On

Join a Community Filled with Awesome Fans

How To Download Lol Skins On Mac Computer

Game Features

  • Over more than 300 unique beautiful ship girls that you can interact with.
  • Extremely friendly gacha rates and no pay-to-win schemes.
  • Outstanding splash arts and cute chibi sprites along with highly-rendered 3D effects including explosions, bullets and sea waves
  • All-star voice actresses including Ai Kayano (Okaasan Online), Sora Amamiya (KonoSuba), Rie Kugumiya (Gintama), Ayane Sakura (My Hero Academia), Sumire Uesaka (Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher)

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